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The tariff schemes of Transmedia for various plans they offer are very reasonable and at the same time there are no compromises on quality they provide. This balanced equation adds to the delight of any customer and it is wonderful to be a customer of this fair organization.
Chakravathi, DRDA Office, Guntur
Transmedia has been a front runner in various aspects and one thing that caught my nerve was the variety of movies that are hosted in their website. Its great to have a complimentary service that has so much to offer to customer. This was a very novel idea and has lot of value attached to it. Way to go Transmedia.
Ankkarao, Engineering Student, Guntur
I have been a customer of Transmedia for more than 3 years now and it has been a hassle-free association. I rarely had issues with it and whenever I had one it was addressed within short span of time. It is very impressive that Transmedia is able to do this so seamlessly.
Roshan Kumar P, Student, Guntur

Transmedia reminds me of customer service delivered par excellence. It happens to be one of the most customer oriented companies I have known. The user friendly access also adds significant value to the customer.
Krishna Murthy B, Business Man
Speed is something I have always liked and Transmedia provides me that without any second thought. I browse through various websites in a whisker without any sort of delay whatsoever. Really appreciate Transmedia for getting this right.
Vijay Mulpuri, IT Professional, Guntur
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Transmedia Technologies (AP) Pvt. Ltd, Lakshmipuram, Main Road, Guntur-522007.

Ph:(0863) 2333369


All the above Plans are excluding Taxes

About Us

Transmedia is a leading Internet Service Provider (ISP) based out of Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. Transmedia's emphasis has always been on customer service, quality offered and user experience. Lead by a team of motivated individuals, the driving force of Transmedia is the value addition it offers to its customers. The results of these efforts are evident in the customer base of over 3000 growing at an incredible pace year after year. Apart from internet services, Transmedia offers its customers a very unique offering in the form of online movies as a add on service to create a intangible value to its cutomers. The varieties of languages, genre and types of movies offered is vast and diverse. Various internet plans offered by Transmedia are very reasonably priced with superior quality.This dedication towards the services they provide to customers has paid huge dividends and has won many hearts and strengthened customer loyalty. These factors have made Transmedia a indisputable leader in its own way.

Transmedia was formed in the year 2005 and worked its way to become the market leader through the years. Transmedia offers high-speed data, voice and video services through the Internet. Primarily, it offers high speed Internet services to residential, corporate and SME customers. Transmedia strongly believes that best solutions are produced when we work with an intention of customer satisfaction. As a famous quote says, "Open conversations generate loyalty, sales and most of all, learning for both sides," we believe in open conversations with customers and to generate a sustainable business. Another aspect that is important to us is to deliver on what we promise to all our stakeholders. We also create an environment of continuous learning and improvement that enhance quality of work force leading to better customer experience. A visionary, courageous and inspirational leadership is core to our business. It helps us lead with clients, lead with people and above all attain thought leadership. We believe in creating young leaders at all levels of the hierarchy.

A vital element responsible for all the stakeholders is to take ownership of all the tasks and complete the deliverable as expected on time. Hence we give lot of importance to task commitment and dedication towards work. Customer loyalty is the responsibility of each of us and are fully accountable for retaining their loyalty. Customer is the sole reason for our existence and hence our prime motive is to serve them with devotion. We ensure that the customer completely satisfied with our service quality, pricing and performance. We emphasize on taking timely feedback from customers and improve ourselves to serve better.


Marketing Executive (4)

Marketing executives are involved in developing marketing campaigns to promote a product, service or idea.It is a varied role that includes planning, advertising, public relations, event organisation, product development, distribution, sponsorship and research.The Marketing Executive oversees day to day marketing activities for the marketing department.

Network Administrator (1)

The System Administrator (SA) is responsible for effective provisioning, installation/configuration, operation, and maintenance of systems hardware and software and related infrastructure. This individual participates in technical research and development to enable continuing innovation within the infrastructure. This individual ensures that system hardware, operating systems, software systems, and related procedures adhere to organizational values, enabling staff, volunteers, and Partners.This individual is accountable for the following systems: Linux and Windows systems that support GIS infrastructure; Linux, Windows and Application systems that support Asset Management.

Contact Us



Transmedia Technologies (AP) Pvt. Ltd.,
DNO:5-87-60, 2nd Floor,
Lakshmipuram, Main Road,
Guntur-522007, Andhra Pradesh.


Phone: (0863) 2333369
Mobile: (+91) 9603433369

Will my installation charges re-funded in case of Disconnection?

No, the installation charges wont be re-funded in case of disconnection. The installation charges are levied as a part of service fee towards installing, handling the set up of connection and hence would not be refunded on disconnection.

Is there any charge for resolving any complaints by Transmedia?

No, there are no charges associated with addressing complaints and no service charges are associated with it. All the actions taken by Transmedia for addressing customer issues would be complimentary.

What is the process to open a broadband connection?

The individual who wishes to apply for a broadband connection has to bring a copy of ID proof and address proof and fill the KYC form as required. Our customer service executive would visit your premises for installing the connection.

What is Fair Usage Policy ?

Each package has been defined with a significantly large and extremely generous data transfer level, so that most typical users will never cross these levels of data consumption. In a situation, where a user has utilized and consumed the Fair Usage Data Limit in a particular month, the speed of this user will be reduced to the Speed-Breaker speed for the remainder of the month. The Speed Breaker Speed for different packages has been designed to ensure a good usage and download experience at reasonable speeds for the remainder of the month.

  • Address: DNO:5-87-60, 2nd Floor, Lakshmipuram, Main Road, Guntur-522007, Andhra Pradesh.
  • Phone: (0863) 2333369
  • Phone: (+91) 9603433369
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